Dogs: “Brindleton Bay, the Strays, and Bud’s Day”

I’m Bud. I’m a fifteen year-old Cocker Spaniel and I don’t know anything that happens anymore. I’m too old to hear it. But this new place Trip took me to looks and smells great. It smells like when her dad left fish in the fridge for a month. She’s gonna end up feeding me tons of fish.

Trip picks me up a lot now. She was too small to when we first met. Now she’s grown up and I’m old. I don’t know if she still calls me cute or a good boy. Everyone always did. They liked to touch my paws and ears and I’d growl at them a little.

I slept on the train and then pooped in the aisle, but I’m tired again. I hope she wants a nap.

She goes inside…

Hopefully nap.

Gets the leash…

I wanna nap!

Gets my sweater…

Trip has also been dressing me in more sweaters. I get shaved sometimes and I get cold easily now because I’m old and we’re up in Maine. She likes bones and sweaters much more than I do. I never chewed the bones she bought me. She could have dressed me in anything but she bought everything on mine with bones.

We live near a beach and neither of us swim. But Trip likes to walk. She wants me to walk more to keep me healthy since I’m old, and so I don’t poop on a train again.

I like the cool sand and wood on my paws. Middlesex has needles and broken glass and Trip wouldn’t walk on it with her bare feet either. And it got hot there but it wasn’t hot here. There’s so much grass to pee in and I hope she unleashes me so I can waddle over to the best one. It smells like another dog and I won’t stand for it today.

But she usually pulls me back if I pull…

Never mind! Free at last. Someone’s grilling steaks on the beach and I need one. Trip doesn’t eat them but that means more for me.

There are a lot of other dogs here. I used to pick fights with other dogs but they’re all bigger and younger than me now. Trip finds a wrinkly one. She’s bigger than me but I bet her butt smells like friendship and a new opportunity.

Trip is cautious at first…

…but then the dog lets her scratch behind her ears.

Trip always stops to pet other dogs. She did in Middlesex too, especially when I got older. She really loved puppies and young dogs who could run for days and also hear.

It never made me feel bad though.

We walk down to the docks and I keep thinking of that dumb sweater. I used to never need one. Then Trip gets a ball out of her pocket.

She never trained me to fetch. She used to throw me balls and toys and I’d chew on them until the stuffing came out. But then she takes the ball from me when I start to chew on it and throws it again. Other dogs did it. She points to the ball. I think that was a command.

It took a lot of trying but I decide to bring it back to her. Then she lets me play with it on my own.

I also wonder about my tail. I swear I used to have one as a baby. Now it’s a little stump I wiggle when Trip comes home or when her dad used to have doughnuts.

I walk closer to Trip and she found another dog. This one smells like old drool and skunks and her butt would not smell friendly at all. But Trip doesn’t know that.

She takes the dirty shirt off her and plays with the dog for a bit. I sit by after playing in a puddle. My sweater’s all wet now but even Trip doesn’t care about those things.

She’s really into these other dogs. She loves to pat even the stray and smelly ones. This new town has tons of them, so what will happen to me?

Trip points to the other dog. She hooks her up on my leash and carries me. I don’t know where we’re going, but I wanna be put down.

I fall asleep at the vet, after pooping in the waiting room. The vet understood and Trip makes herself some coffee. She put the shirt back on the other dog. She still smells sick and looks missing and didn’t have the good sense to follow her owner home.

We wait a while for the vet but she can take this stray and find her a home.

Trip noticed a dog park across the street and sat down to watch the people and dogs. I lay on my back and bask in the sun and sleep more. If I slept for long enough, then it would be dinner time, or time for a treat. Trip bought peanut butter ones to calm me down while on the train.

This is a dog park though. I smell one coming by. He smells freshly shampooed and not neutered.

I smell a lot. Trip gets out a treat for him. Drool falls from his jowls. He doesn’t leave a crumb on the ground.

He puts his dirty paws on Trip’s shoulders so she can hug him. I never liked getting hugged by her but now I want that a little. She used to tackle me and hug me and call me her “filthy teddy bear” and say I smelled like feet. And I’d squirm out.

I trot off to rub my back on some bushes, but I realize something important.

Trip was very young when she adopted me. She saved up allowance for months to get a dog and didn’t have friends and didn’t want to be lonely anymore. I was young and active and ready for walks and playing around with her. She even taught me three commands. But everything changed.

Maybe she’s sad I can’t hear her voice and commands.

Maybe she doesn’t like old dogs.

Maybe she doesn’t need a friend like me anymore.

She’s a lot less lonely now.

Trip takes my sweater off and feeds me a big bowl of food. She doesn’t like preparing meat like her parents did for me and gets it from a bag. I want her grilled cheese too.

I used to watch TV with her and her dad all the time. They liked to turn on AMC and drink ciders during it. Or she and her brother would watch cooking shows. I think she has one on now. I’m starting to not see as well either.

It’s hard for old me to get up on the couch but I do. I wonder if she even knows I’m here. I’m almost distracted by that beef wellington too.

She pets my neck and smiles. I like that. Some parts hurt when she pets them now but Trip knows to avoid them. She pets my back and my head, and in my favorite spot between my eyes.

Then she starts talking and scratching behind my ears! I love that spot too. I almost know what she’s saying, by the way she’s acting.

It looks just like when she used to say “Bud, you’re always there for me and you’re my favorite dog in the world!”

18 thoughts on “Dogs: “Brindleton Bay, the Strays, and Bud’s Day”

  1. 😭😭😭 This was adorable and sweet. Great job showing us a day in the life of a dog, while also tugging at our heartstrings. Bud is the best and I think he’d love this story! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The most un-Budlike thing. He actually hated most other dogs until he got old and mellowed out. He still doesn’t really get the concept of playing with other dogs. He just sniffs them and waddles off to poop. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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