Vet Clinic: “Theo’s Gift”

Ever since the big clinic had opened up down the street. The Tooth N’ Nail Clinic didn’t get as many customers as it used to. That was okay with Theo. He was getting older and couldn’t handle the rate of customers he used to get back when he’d first opened.

But he had a steady stream of regulars. Some he’d been seeing since they were kittens and puppies and now they were older than he. At least older in animal years. And occasionally there’d be a new face in his waiting room. Despite the competition, Theo’s waiting room was often filled with one or two. And life was pretty good.

His clinic wasn’t state-of-the-art. (He’d read the reviews on SimYelp). It wasn’t shiny like the one down the street. But he’d saved enough for a few luxuries. The automatic exam table had been his most recent purchase. He wasn’t able to lift the large dogs onto the table anymore, but it wasn’t hard to get them to settle on the table and then have the table bring the animal to him. Much better on his back and body.

It was his tableside mannor that got high praise from his customer, both two and four-legged. The other reviews, the ones that got his clinic up to a 4.5 star rating didn’t complain about the homely little clinic or long wait lines. They raved above his famous Theo touch. That he could calm any animal that walked into his clinic.

Animals rarely panicked on his exam table, and that was something he was quite proud of. To his mind, it made his job a lot harder if the animal was scared and panicking. Sometimes he’d be asked how he calmed the animals so well. Theo would smile and shrug. “I just love all the animals.”

Whenever an animal came to his Vet he would leap up from his desk and greet the dog or cat. He remembered everyone he treated and they, in turn, remembered him. Eventually, he’d remember to greet the pet owner, but he never remembered their names.

For a light case of Icy Fur, a medicinal biscuit was all that was needed and the dog or cat would be bouncing out of the Tooth N’ Nail, tail wagging, and temperature back to normal.

Theo didn’t take appointments, his clinic was walk-in service only. And sometimes, if a pet was feeling ill they’d walk into themselves. Animals knew that Theo would take care of them.

Although Theo tried to find holistic cures and stay away from some of the more dangerous drugs, he knew medicine alone can’t fix all illnesses. Most treatments he made in-house, herbs and fortified foods, bug-be-gone sprays. But for cases of severe Repugnitis or extreme swamp mouth, he often needed something more.

The surgery unit had meant a month of eating potatoes and rice, but it had been worth it. To be able to pinpoint the spot of the illness and deliver his meds exactly where they’d do the most good was priceless. And because it was Theo, the animals trusted him when he urged them into the seemingly impersonal surgery unit. Before too long, they’d be back outside and feeling right as rain.

Theo had been in the business long enough that there was no illness to mysterious for him to identify and swiftly treat. Whether it be a booster shot, disinfecting spray, one of his extra delicious treat pills, or a round in surgery. No animal left Tooth N’ Nail unsatisfied.

At the end of each work day Theo closed his shop, put away his tools, and cleaned up any messes. And there were always a lot of messes. Animals weren’t always at their best when they were feeling unwell.

Once done downstairs, he’d head upstairs to his little apartment and his own family. Nights were for relaxing. Maybe a walk around the neighborhood, a nice dinner and a movie at home, and of course some play time with Lucy and Cashew.

Tonight however, his little Lucy Cat had a gift for him. Theo might just have to take tomorrow off.

15 thoughts on “Vet Clinic: “Theo’s Gift”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! The kitties are adorably cute!

      It was a blast to play and I can safely say it’s the best of the Doctor career with very little of that annoying – “I’ve examined the patient as much as I can and yet I don’t know what’s wrong yet”. It’s very easy to know what’s wrong with the pets once you do a few examinations. Still a challenge though.

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    1. Thanks! I highly recommend it! And the combo retail-home worked really well. Except perhaps when giving birth to kittens. Not sure if it was bugged or just took a while, but I had to go ‘home’ for that.

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