Build/Buy: “A New Beginning for Jenna”



Hello Everyone! Welcome to Simlit Showcase: Home Makeover Edition! I am your host Vanilla Penguin, Miss Penguin if you are Dim n’ Gusty. This week I received a call from my dear friend Jenna. Jenna and I attended university together many years ago.


Jenna is going through a difficult transition in life and she called to chat and to ask if I would help her. She recently divorced and decided a change in scenery was in order. She and her two cats, Tree Climber and Floof Floor Loaf, have moved into an old converted lighthouse in Brindleton Bay.

I said goodbye to my dear monsters Lil Baby and Tiny Baby Penguin, and headed to Brindleton Bay!

A break from this little one is definitely needed!



After catching up with Jenna she gave me a tour of her new home so I could begin my process.


After the tour Jenna and I sat down to discuss ideas. I asked her what she would like for her new home.


She said that she wanted to keep the worn seaside charm but update the place a little. She also wanted the huge sun room to be a haven for her precious felines.


I was so inspired by our ideas and the home!


I shared some of my vision with her and I think she really likes it.


After the brainstorming session we cleared out the still full boxes and her meager furniture. The first order of business…Paint!


I know Jenna loves to spend hours outdoors taking in the fresh air and bird watching. I decided she needed a space to spend enjoying the breathtaking sights of Brindleton Bay and the fantastic views from her backyard.


I did a little furniture shopping on Simazon for some interesting pieces that fit with our vision of a homey seaside retreat.


Aren’t these the best lights ever?

You can really find some amazing deals on there! I found this fabulous side table for the entryway for an amazing steal!


Next, I headed down to SimsDepot to find new appliances. Her current ones are so worn and outdated that they had to be replaced.


They have extremely helpful staff and I found what I needed and headed back to put my vision together.


I had a very rude surprise waiting for me when I returned!

My amazing entry table had arrived…


I had mistakenly ordered a table for a dollhouse! How embarrassing!

What am I supposed to do with this?!

Several phones calls and emails later I finally fixed my issue and set to work finishing off the place. I think it turned out great!

No longer doll sized!


The new counters are kitty approved.
Everyone needs a reading nook overlooking the ocean.


Cat heaven!




After the finishing touches I brought Jenna in  with her eyes closed to reveal the final product.


I think it is safe to say she loves it.


This was a special project for a special friend and I am so happy how it turned out. Now it is time to get back to Tiny, I really hope she is clothed this time!



The Old Bedlington Lighthouse is available for download on my gallery page.



Jenna and her lovely cats were provided by fellow PS:Pack Showcase Simlit contributor Raerei. Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Build/Buy: “A New Beginning for Jenna”

  1. Can I move in? Haha. Looks fabulous and I love how you figured out to showcase all the wonderful new things! I’ve been through the catalog several times and I know I missed some of the many items!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s easy to miss some, esp. If you unlock everything. I really didn’t intend on a lighthouse but when the creativity comes you just go with it. Lol I’m happy you liked it. Thank you so much for Jenna and the kittehs.

      Liked by 1 person

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