Laundry Day CAS: “DIY Thrift Shop”

“A laundromat?” “Well, I don’t wanna catch the bus to the gym. Not like this.” I stunk. Rob did too, and our sweet little Candace tried to pretend that nothing was wrong. In fact, she didn’t know much of what happened at all. My stupid half-siblings left mum penniless and she swore that she’d make sure that we’d get our share of dad’s money. Comforting thought except I’m broke right now! I can’t make rent and I have a kid to feed. But hey, if the closest place in town was a laundromat, then we were going to clean up … Continue reading Laundry Day CAS: “DIY Thrift Shop”

Dogs: “Brindleton Bay, the Strays, and Bud’s Day”

I’m Bud. I’m a fifteen year-old Cocker Spaniel and I don’t know anything that happens anymore. I’m too old to hear it. But this new place Trip took me to looks and smells great. It smells like when her dad left fish in the fridge for a month. She’s gonna end up feeding me tons of fish. Trip picks me up a lot now. She was too small to when we first met. Now she’s grown up and I’m old. I don’t know if she still calls me cute or a good boy. Everyone always did. They liked to touch … Continue reading Dogs: “Brindleton Bay, the Strays, and Bud’s Day”